Yes, they will LOVE pink forever!

These boy love pink!

I made TWO quilts for my TWO boys.  It is so fun and exciting to be able to wrap them in mama love while they sleep.  I found a quilt tutorial I LOVED at

So pretty!  But I didnt get involved with the color pallet at all, I just let the boys choose their fabrics all willy nilly, whatever they wanted.  Sadly the result was harder to put together than I had ever suspected.  I am a bit of a color snob, pattern snob, design snob, okay, okay – a bit of a snob.  When I sat down and began to piece things together I realized I kinda hated the way it was all coming together.  Now the children they love, love, loved it.

But me, I was dragging, I felt a longing for rich patterns saturated in fab color and instead what lay before me was a slew of randomness that didn’t totally gel.   It made it harder to power through, i mean this is TWO quilts here.. did I say two MATCHING quilts.  Alas the mere fact that winter was looming and the little lads were actually in need of warmth did manage to get me scrambling around the floor of the studio in haste. But not without a little last minute of Amy Butler’s Full Dot Moon and Heather Ross’s Mendocino to fill it all out.

At the hundredth hour the men folk suggested that my dear sweet boys might not like pink forever – to which I say poo poo.  These boys of mine they will love their Mama made blankets till they are a pile of tatters, RIGHT?

In the end we are all happy but I think in the future the seamstress might have to pick the palette! I can see those juicy magenta’s, pink paisley’s and orange dots in my dreams.




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